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I like it a lot. Thanks Dr. Schuberth and Pals. Thanks mom and dad. I hate the gooey stuff a lot.


My experience about my orthodontic treatment is awesome. After a year or so, every tooth is in the right place and I can love my smile now. Just love it! Love it! Love it! No spaces anymore!


Braces were fine and yet hardly know they are there. The only hard part was to remember to wear rubberbands. It was all worth it in the end.


It was great and it was worth it. I love my new smile and can not wait to show it off!


Although I was apprehensive when starting this process, I am very happy with the results and everyone treated me in a professional and very friendly manner. Thanks!


Before I had braces, my mouth was just really bad. I had a bad overbite and really crooked teeth. Now, since I have had braces, my teeth and mouth look GREAT! I was treated really well here. Everyone is really nice and cool.


Having braces wasn't that bad, but I'm really glad they are out of my mouth! I love my new smile a lot! Thanks mom and dad for spending the money to give me a beautiful smile!


I am very happy with my new smile! Everyone was very friendly and I couldn't have done it without them.


My orthodontic experience was great. I felt that from the beginning. I knew that my new smile would be as great as it is now. Everyone was very professional and extremely helpful.


It was tough at times to have all that metal in your mouth but, after getting my braces off, I knew it was so worth it!


My experience was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Everyone who works here was always really nice. My new smile looks great, I like it alot.